Yellow Daisy Bush, Euryops - Drought Tolerant Winter Flowering Shrubs

Euryops, or Yellow Daisy Bush are drought tolerant shrubs that flower almost all year round. They have bright yellow daisy-like blossoms that cover the shrub like a golden cloak. Their leaves are dark green with deep serrated edges that resemble Shasta daisy foliage. They can be useful as a quick fix for a bare garden bed or placed in the middle of the border.

Euryops pectinatus are from South Africa, making them perfect choices for dry, arid gardens. They can grow to a height of 6 feet tall and about 4 feet wide. These shrubs grow evenly and keep their somewhat round shape by themselves. Euryops are good to use for growing a low screen or bold color impact when planted in groups.

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In the ground, these heat-tolerant shrubs take full baking sun in the summer and still look green and pretty. They also make good container plants that don't need a lot of pruning to shape. Just cut off the dead flowers to encourage more blooms. The daisies will only last a day if you cut them, but the foliage looks pretty in flower arrangements. Since Euryops shrubs are evergreen, they are recommended for patios, balconies or other areas you don't want leaf litter.

Yellow Daisy Bush, Euryops - Drought Tolerant Winter Flowering Shrubs

Sunset gives their zones as 8, 9 12-24 or USDA Zone 9-10 which means they are cold tolerant to about to 22 degrees. There's another variety that has silvery leaves called Euryops acraeus which is said to do better surviving a bit of frost.

After a few years Euryops shrubs will develop a thatch on the inside. The structure is evocative of the Australian Tea Tree with peeling bark and twisted branches. Cut off interior branches that are dead or overcrowded. This should stimulate new growth on the remaining branch. If you cut the entire plant back all the way you risk killing it off, so try to do your pruning in phases.

Another interesting characteristic of these shrubs is that they seem to bloom the heaviest on the side that faces west. Keep that in mind when you are landscaping your garden retreat. Yellow bush Daisies make a striking statement lining a driveway or path. Good understory plants are white alyssum or fuchsia bulbs. Good luck and happy gardening!

Yellow Daisy Bush, Euryops - Drought Tolerant Winter Flowering Shrubs

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